Road Assistance for Today’s Cars




Road Assistance


In the old days many motorists were forced to either perform minor repairs on cars themselves or walk several miles to reach a phone to call for help. This does not take into account how dire the situation was in the event of a traffic accident. This became somewhat easier with the introduction of the cell phone and then, of course, the smart phone. Today road side assistance is an entirely different ball game. Now there is GPS tracking and vehicle internet capability as well as subscription based on board security; communications; turn by turn navigation; remote diagnostics systems; and hands free calling or texting.

Repair Assistance

There are companies today where car owners may obtain subscriptions to numerous helpful services. One feature is the ability to call a garage or repair service in the event of a break down. No hands are required as the vehicle will dial the number directed by voice command. This is very handy, if a tire blows, the battery dies, or the car runs out of gas. There are some subscriptions that monitor the vehicle and alert operators if the car is broke down as well as makes the call for help for drivers. The internet capability also allows drivers to search for the nearest garage while GPS tracking provides complete driving directions. It is a good idea to ask if the current owner’s insurance provider offers any type of road side assistance programs.

Emergency Assistance

There are vehicle emergency service providers such as OnStar available by subscription who provide valuable help in the event of a collision. The provider synchs alert systems with vehicle sensors to detect things like airbag deployment. Automatic notifications are sent to the proper authorities and operators make attempts to contact drivers. GPS tracking locates the car whether drivers are able to respond or not. These types of call centers are located in a variety of places and operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The emergency roadside assistance programs offer the option of automatic status updates in the event of an accident. This service can contact loved ones to inform them of the accident as well as the condition of the driver. All of these features save life threatening moments as well as lend vehicle owners peace of mind.

Theft Assistance

            Many of the services mentioned above offer theft assistance with roadside assistance subscriptions. One method allows the provider to slow the stolen vehicle which is helpful in two ways. Car thieves are bound to be speeding trying to get away. Slowing the criminal’s speed will inhibit the getaway progress. Deceleration also reduces the risk of an accident and damage to the stolen vehicle or, worse, injury to others in the vicinity.

            A similar feature is often referred to as Remote Engine Block. If the car is stolen, the service provider can actually deactivate the engine remotely. Not only will the motor shut off making it impossible for the thief to continue, it will be impossible to restart the engine. There is, of course, vehicle tracking to locate the stolen car and thief.