Latest Smartphone Apps for Cars

It was not that long ago individuals did not have cells phones or even car phones. Today

most all people have cell phones and the majority of these are referred to smartphones. Many

conversations concerning any form of technology now begin with, “Have you seen this app?” An app

or application is a program designed to carry out a certain purpose. Many of the apps for

smartphones can be synched to vehicle computers. This opens a world of convenient possibilities.

Viper Smartstart

Viper Smartstart allows individuals to connect smartphones to their vehicles for two way

interaction. The connectivity is managed by a cloud service network that links apps and cars. This

enables owners to start the car’s engine and lock or unlock doors simply by accessing a button on

their smartphone. The Viper Smartstart offers extended features as well including a GPS locator.

The GPS locator allows individuals to find their vehicle in a crowded parking lot or in the event of


The Hondalink requires a compatible smartphone and an iOS cable kit. This technology

allows individuals to link their Hondas to their smartphones and access podcasts, music, and vehicle

services. It also enables individuals’ easy access to traffic and driving information through their

digital dash center. It is no longer the fancy sports or luxury car that provides these features. They

are now available in smaller compact family cars as well.


BlueLink from Hyundai is a completely integrated multimedia navigational system. It can be

connected to a smartphone and will collect information about traffic and traveling data. It can also

update drivers about weather conditions and fuel info including current local gas prices. BlueLink

may be used to remotely start the vehicle’s engine or completely immobilize it is the event of

carjacking. Hyundai BlueLink is a voice recognition system that brings convenience to the driver’s

Automatic Link

The Automatic Link simply connects to a vehicles data port for numerous useful features.

This technology allows communication between the vehicle and the smartphone in order to upgrade

the capabilities of the car. It is compatible with both Android and iPhones. There is an app that tracks

and stores driving information as well as gas pricing. This can save individuals a great deal of money in the travel expense department. Automatic can detect many types of accidents in order to put drivers in contact with the proper authorities in the event of an emergency. It even offers a service that will contact the drivers’ family to update them about the circumstances.

Most all cars and trucks have some sort of computer technology preinstalled into their

dashboards. Many of these vehicles today come preprogrammed with several different programs

and apps including maintenance alert systems. This systems alerts owners when their vehicles

require any routine maintenance such as oil changes or tune ups. The systems can usually be

synched with smartphones so individuals receive alert messages on these as well. If the vehicle was

not preprogrammed with this type of alert system, there is, as the saying goes, always an app for