The Latest in Hands Free Functionality

Hands Free Functionality

Technology is advancing further than the average person may be able to keep up with today. Computer technology has entered most every aspect of daily life. Vehicles have not been left out of this advancement. Some of the technology available in cars today allows for hands-free functions that are not only convenient, but lend added safety when traveling. One of the most common driving campaigns in the world is do not text and drive. It has been estimated that 1.6 automobile accidents involve cell phones every year.

It may seem the first step to avoid accidents is to leave the cell phone alone while driving. Many times this is an excellent idea; however, it is not always possible. There are several reasons why individuals may be required to use their cell phone on the road. One is that business does not cease simply because one must drive. Clients must still be answered and work emergencies must be addressed. The children may require parents’ assistance. On a darker note there may be a situation in which emergency authorities should be contacted, but it is not possible to stop. All of these scenarios have spurred the development of hands-free cell phone technology.

Bluetooth Technology

Wireless Bluetooth technology enables multiple devices that are compatible to communicate. This means hands-free communication while traveling. It also means less distraction and greater safety on the road. The first step is to ensure that the phone in question is compatible with the vehicle being considered. The internet affords a wonderful method for individuals to accomplish this. It is also a good idea to ask the dealership as well as physically test the compatibility of the two.

The Bluetooth interface should consist of controls that are located on the dashboard; a touch screen; steering wheel; or a combination thereof. Individuals should ensure that displays are easy to read simply upon glancing at them. One of the most important features as well as least distracting is voice activation. Not all Bluetooth systems offer this so it is important to ensure the system has this feature available. Individuals can use this technology to simply speak the name of the person that they wish to call or, in many cases, text. This features in not always 100% accurate; however, they can become familiar with an individual’s voice patterns and accent.

Emergency Situations

Simple communication is not the only or the most important aspect of hands-free technology. In the event of an emergency on the highway it is crucial to be able to contact the proper authorities. There may be cases which prevent individuals from being capable of using their hands to place an emergency phone call. OnStar is likely the most popular program for this at this time. OnStar services include roadside assistance; automatic crash response; hands-free calling; vehicle diagnostics; stolen vehicle assistance; and remote door unlock for a monthly fee. This service provides directions and connection as well. These features are not only convenient, but can literally save lives. For example, the automatic crash response contacts OnStar headquarters immediately upon a collision in order to provide the appropriate emergency response.