Business on the Road


Business on the Road


Many of today’s technological advancements allow business owners, as well as all professionals, to conduct certain aspects of business while driving down the road. Of course the cell phone is extremely useful for this purpose and has been around long enough that most individuals are now accustomed to it. Now owners should consider the smart phone and infotainment system for on the go business endeavors. The two can now be synched and integrated with the World Wide Web.

Playing Catch Up

Modern vehicles are equipped with what is referred to as infotainment systems and they are capable of accessing the World Wide Web. The programs are not always readily available in cars; however, most allow the ability to purchase subscriptions and/or add features as well as hardware. These systems are also compatible with smart phones, laptops, and can be programmed for voice command. This opens a world of different possibilities. This feature allows business minded individuals to make hands free calls as well as texts.

Hands free functions provide business multitasking at its finest. Owners may call their colleague; clients; secretaries; and, yes, even the kids with last minute reminders. It enables on the go individuals to catch up with all of the above while driving to the next business meeting. It can also be used by passengers to actually conduct video conferences via web programs and apps.

Video conference programs could also be used, in a pinch, by the driver. While this would require pulling off of the road, it would mean actually attending the meeting. This is a much better scenario than being late, which seems unprofessional, or not being present, which is definitely unprofessional conduct.

Infotainment systems allow business owners to check and respond to important emails. This is a wonderful feature for those who can never seem to catch up. Email is one of the preferred methods of communication. Missing emails from clients and colleagues can be disastrous. Drivers can program the feature to alert him/her when a new email is received.

GPS capability provides directions for individuals who are lost while access to search engines can locate the perfect quick diner and, heaven forbid, tow services with repair options. Infotainment systems often provide some sort of emergency assistance. This contacts the proper emergency authorities and deploys them to the location of the accident. There is an added feature of this that is becoming widely popular. It can be instructed to contact certain individuals like family and friends to give them status updates of the driver in emergency situations. It could also be programmed to notify colleagues.

Another important feature that must be mentioned is available through several subscription programs. This set up allows on the go individuals start their engine, unlock their doors, and flash their headlights via an app. It functions by syncing a smartphone app with the vehicles infotainment center. Like a few other features, this may not be specifically labeled a business function; however, it saves time. Each of these features shaves seconds of times throughout the day. All professionals know that time is money and anything that saves time saves money to boot.