Best Cars for Family Vacations


Best Cars for Family Vacations


Summer time is here, the kids are out of school, and it is time to contemplate the family

vacation. It is nearly as important to consider the vehicle to take as it is the destination. A cramped

and uncomfortable ride makes for a horrible start. The entire family vacation will flow much smoother

if everyone is relaxed and having fun on the way there. It is best to perform a little internet research

as well as ask family and friends about their vehicle experience. The main aspects to look for are

comfort, safety, and economical gas mileage.

Ford Flex

It is said that the makers of the Ford Flex combined elements of a minivan, station wagon,

and an SUV to design this versatile vehicle. There is an immense amount of room in the entire cabin

including the second and third row seating. It offers rear parking sensors, side curtain and front side

airbags. The V6 engine is 3.5 liter and 287 hp with a reported highway mpg of 18 to 25. It has good

fuel efficiency and the engine possesses decent acceleration. The Ford Flex is quiet and

comfortable ride to take on family vacations.

Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse is described as a large crossover with vast seating space including a

third row. This lends the entire family plenty of space to travel even with the kids. There is additional

room for luggage as well. It offers front side airbags and curtain side airbags for every row. Though

the Traverse is generous in size it still offers handling like that of a smaller vehicle. It provides a quiet,

enjoyable, and comfy ride for vacationing. The Chevrolet Travers receives 16 mpg on the highway

which is decent for a three row SUV.


Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a well-equipped and expansive family vehicle which performs well in

most every category. The Accord provides comfy seating; responsive handling; a spacious cabin;

and a wonderful view while traveling. It is designed with an economical four cylinder engine which

delivers an astonishing 30 mpg and 40 mpg during highway travel. This Accord provides dual-stage;

multiple-threshold front airbags and smart vent front side airbags.

Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 offers families a luxuriously spacious ride and has been reported as one of

the greatest large Sedan styles on the market. It provides comfortable and quiet travel with

responsive handling. This vehicle provides seven different airbags in all for added protection. The 300 is designed with numerous helpful features in the cabin including a high tech touch screen

infotainment system. With a V6 this vehicle receives 22 mpg while the V8 returns 18 mpg.

Toyota Highlander

The newest version of the Toyota Highlander is larger than the predecessor and translates to

more interior room and third row seating. Both seven and eight passenger models are currently

available. In the seven passenger version, the second row bench may be replaced with reclining

captain’s chairs that have arm rests and cup holders. All Toyota Highlanders have a total of eight

airbags that come standard. The Highlander’s handling is very responsive providing a stable ride

with a V6 powertrain. This vehicles fuel efficiency total is 20 mpg which is two better than the

previous versions.