Parental Control for Today’s Vehicles


Parental Control for Today's Vehicles


Statistics have reported the initial four years of a driving career are the most dangerous. New technology is being introduced on an almost daily basis to enable concerned parents to track teen behavior. This includes monitoring their driving, habits, and locations. While these are high tech programs they are extremely simple to implement. Most are not very expensive either especially when considering the peace of mind they may provide.


CarCheckup is a useful program and service that assist in monitoring the teen. This device plugs in under the steering wheel. It records driving information which may be downloaded to a computer via a USB port and requires a user name and password to access. This data includes the greatest speed achieved as well as RPMs. It retains info of distance driven and the time it took. The device allows parents to see if extreme brake was applied or higher than normal acceleration. It even tells them if, when, and why the check engine light may have come on.


Safe Watch

The SafeTracOBDx001 only requires a simple five second installation. This device and service provides a great deal of driving information via text and/or email. It records driving speeds, distances, and durations. It also informs worried parents when their child arrives at the intended destination safe and sound. This feature may be programed to alert parents when their teens enter an area that is considered off limits. This technology lends families peace of mind while providing a guide for children to encourage them to make appropriate decisions.

Mobile Teen GPS

Mobile Teen GPS provides parents with continuous monitoring of the children’s driving behaviors. It is simple to install as well as remove and, in some cases, qualifies parents for insurance discounts. The features it offers are state of the art including alerts of speed; current location; unapproved destination; and if the vehicle is stolen or moved. Another interesting feature is Find Vehicle Now which is a voice locate system. The service allows parents to receive alerts through text messages, emails in their inbox, and map web track via the internet. There is also a toll free number provided that families can call to inquire about alerts.

Mobile Teen GPS

DriveCam Video Feedback System

The DriveCam System observes driving habits and, upon sensing that which is risky, records what the driver is seeing and doing for a few seconds. This media data is sent to the DriveCanservice company for review. Safety professionals analyze this footage and create a detailed report which is sent to the parents. Accompanying the report is the saved footage as well as advice and tips to improve driver behavior.

DriveCam Video Feedback System

Safeco’s Teen Safety Rewards Program

The device from Safeco connects to the vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostics port. It records data about speed driven; acceleration; night driving; and braking. This information is compiled into a weekly report and then emailed to parents. Parents may access the website to obtain more in depth details of the report. Utilizing this program affords parents insurance discounts well worth looking into and considering.


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